Henley Watch Alarms

Henley Watch controls and owns a proprietary alarm system network. This comprises radio repeaters, computerised logging and forwarding of alarm conditions to the ‘Mobile’ base radios of Henley Watch. Controllers and duty officers have these systems on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In essence, Henley Watch monitors house and business alarms in their immediate area and arranges for armed officers to respond to alarm calls via a radio network. This network also allows members to make telephone calls to an emergency number, allowing for the immediate transfer of vital information during the time of an incident or event.

The installation and maintenance of the house alarm systems is provided through a number of Henley on Klip residents (see list below for contact details).

Chris van den Heuvel, a resident and member of many years, was responsible for introducing the necessary technical alarm infrastructure for Henley Watch. The preferred alarm panel is the “Smart Tracer” (either 8 or 16 zones) manufactured by M.A.M.I. who are based in Johannesburg and have been in the security industry for over thirty years. It is possible to radio link any existing alarm system to Henley Watch. In this case the outright purchase and installation of the smaller “Jack R” alarm panel would be required.

To discuss any technical security issues please contact:

Name Tel Number
Chris van den Heuvel 083 253 2658
Hein Zentgraf 083 447 5609

It must be understood that Henley Watch is not responsible for the installation and maintenance of the alarm system and that all technical queries should be addressed to one of the above contacts.